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Drug rehab is an important choice, but deciding whether to enter a tradtional or non 12 step rehab can be very confusing. Many people are not sure if they should enter into a 12 step program or an alternative drug and alcohol rehab. Settling for a treatment center that uses the 12 step approach is statistically not a good decision. Many of these programs have, at best, a 5-10 percent success rate. The 12 steps label a person as an addict for the rest of their life, who has no control and is powerless. They create a fear that the person will fail and thus set him or her up for failure.

A non-12 step drug rehab uses a scientific approach utilizing methods which address all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. Unlike 12 step programs which only "treat" the problem, non-12 step rehabilitation centers look at several different factors which cause addiction and rehabilitate a person from the ground up in all aspects of life. When a patient leaves a non-12 step rehab, they are fully rehabilitated from drugs and alcohol and have the tools to live a happy life.

Another type of treatment to stay away from are programs that implement replacement drug therapy. This dangerous form of treament uses prescription drugs like anti-depressants to replace the drug of choice which is being abused. Unfortunately most 12 step programs use this form of rehabilitation and is one of the reasons they have such a low success rate. Most non-12 step rehab programs do not use replacement drugs, instead they believe in proper nutrition and daily exercise to improve a persons health and well being.

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Why Non 12 Step Rehabilitation?

The comprehensive non-12 step approach, not only handles the physiological aspect of addiction but also the underlying issues and what caused the addicted individual to start using drugs and alcohol in the first place. A non-12 step drug rehab does not believe that a person has no control and is powerless. As a matter of fact they empower a person and rebuild his or her self esteem and confidence. Most of these facilities provide individualized cognitive counseling and life skills therapy which gets to the core issues of why a person uses drugs and alcohol, and then is taught life skills to improve responsibility.

Many people who have tried traditional treatment that uses the 12 steps have relapsed or failed to complete the entire program. 12 step programs believe that drug addiction and alcoholism are incurable diseases and that a person will always be hopelessly addicted. This philosophy also carries over into Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Many of the AA and NA meetings are depressing and apathetic where only war stories are told and many are left craving alcohol or drugs. Many of the people that attend these meetings are just looking to find friends to use drugs or alcohol with.

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